Our Story

History of the farm


Aluma Farm is run by farmers Andy and Andrea in Southwest Atlanta along the Westside BeltLine trail. The 3.8 acre site on which the farm sits was once home to two industrial manufacturing facilities. The Atlanta BeltLine worked with the EPA to conduct a full soil remediation to remove any potential contamination left as a result of its former use.

When Andrea and Andy came to the site, it was safe to grow food, but lacking fertility- crops that were planted withered and died. Coming into this undertaking, Andy and Andrea have sought to revitalize these depleted soils while responding to the needs of the community for fresh vegetables and fruit.

Using compost, cover crops, and community engagement, we have converted the site from an empty, barren lot into a lush, green farm. 

We believe that urban farms serve as models for the most sustainable form of agriculture and as connections between people and their food.

We host a weekly farmstand onsite and a Community Supported Agriculture program. We also specialize in microgreens and other unique crops that we sell to local restaurants around Atlanta.


Andy & Andrea
Farmers and co-owners of Aluma Farm